Overwhelmed With Emotion

I remember as my wife came walking down the aisle on our wedding day. I don’t know what came over me.

But it was as if everything I feel for her and everything we’ve gone through together came out in that single moment.

I couldn’t control it and tears just started to pour out.

That is the only time I remember ever crying for joy. But not just joy, but for love.

And experiencing it myself helped shape the way I felt emotions need to be captured on the wedding day.

Yesterday I was thinking about this experience and decided to go through the photos of some of the weddings throughout the years and find some of these photos.

And I posted them right here.

Words can’t always describe how we feel. But I hope these photo tell their story.

Emotion (Tears) 1.jpg
Emotion (Tears) 2.jpg
Emotion (Tears) 3.jpg
Emotion (Tears) 4.jpg
Emotion (Tears) 5.jpg
Emotion (Tears) 6.jpg