How I Turned My Passion Of Photography Into A Traveling Wedding Photography Career in 2 Years

I NEEDED to hear it... I’m going to be up at the crack of dawn 7 days a week working on my career
— Baraa Alvaraj
 Award Winning Traveling Wedding Photographer, Jordan Correces.

Award Winning Traveling Wedding Photographer, Jordan Correces.


In the middle of driving I broke down in tears...

My wife tried to comfort me while at the same time reaching over to the steering wheel to make sure I didn't crash. 

What started as an exciting adventure to make wedding photography my career began to get extremely frustrating and disheartening.

In tears I told my wife that I just wanted to know I could be successful. To know that I could provide for her. 

I had graduated as a photography major in college, but when I got into the real world I quickly learned that everything school had taught me did not prepare me to turn photography into a thriving business.

I was low on money.

Low on clients.

Low on hope. 

I had two choices.

I could either sulk and complain about how ripped off I felt from my college education and how it didn't teach me how to turn my art into something I could live off of 


I could get into gear and put everything I had left in me to learn and take action into what most photographers neglect to understand...