Gifted Album Size Upgrade (12x12)

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Gifted Album Size Upgrade (12x12)


The Home Collection Album

Our Handmade Home Collection Album is our bride and grooms final product from their wedding day. 

As a child I was inspired by my parents old family albums my dad kept in his office. It was an amazing experience going back in time getting to know my parents and loved ones in such a special and unique way. I wanted to gift that to my brides and grooms I work with. 

Each of these albums are personally handmade by album artists we have teamed up with to give our couples a one of a kind keep sake.

Gift Description:

Each Handmade Home Collection Album comes as a standard medium sized 10x10.

The large 12x12 album upgrade gives a couple much more flexibility in design so more memories and moments can be laid out for increased visibility. 

Couples who have upgraded to this size have had guests truly impressed by it's presence and beauty.

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