My beautiful wife Crystal and I!

My beautiful wife Crystal and I!

It's not just being an amazing artist and photographer that will make you successful... it's being able to run a business on top of your artistic talent.

THE TWO ARE FAR FROM THE SAME. So what happened to me next?

In Two Years

- In two years I was able to turn my failure as a photographer into a thriving career where couples are willing to fly me out all over the United States to photograph their wedding day.

- In two years I went from tiny $500 weddings and $80 sessions to working with couples who are more than happy to drop $2600 - $7100 to work with me and even spend another $1000 just to fly me out. 

- In two years I spent over $3000 and countless hours seeking mentorships,  workshops, and self studying to reach this goal in this short amount of time.

but today I'm about to drop everything I know on your lap so you don't make the same mistakes I did..

Note: There is no point of continuing if you are just a photography enthusiast. The following information is only for photographers who are truly aspiring to turn photography into a self-employed career.