Lisa and Jason's Wedding (Annapolis, MD)

Lisa and Jason's classy wedding in Annapolis, MD was absolutely stunning! Lisa and her girls were looking so beautiful and excited the moment I walked in during preparations. She had such gorgeous jewelry prepared and I absolutely loved her dress as I saw it hanging under the door frame. Jason and the fellas were so warm and welcoming when I joined them. It was so fun hanging out with all of them. I loved their nautical wedding theme. The way they decorated their ceremony and reception was so gorgeous and creative. A moving moment was hearing about their love story during the ceremony. I always love to hear how couples met, the different things they thought about each other, and how they ended up together. All the stories are always so unique and a joy to hear! As you'll also see below, Lisa, Jason, and their loved ones celebrated hard during the reception! It was such a joy, I was tempted to join in and dance myself ;)! One of my favorite highlights from the reception was both of Lisa's Maid of Honor's toasts, which eventually turned into a fun choreographed dance for her!

My all time favorite moment captured during this wedding was when Lisa opened up Jason's surprise gift which you'll see below. It was truly exciting to see the joy in her eyes when she realized what he had gotten her. Jason definitely knew exactly what would touch her heart.

It was such an honor to travel to Annapolis all the way from TN to celebrate and capture their memories and a blessing get to know them more along with their friends and families. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and at home!

Venue: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Wedding Director: Erin Janes

Florist: Michael Designs Florist

Hair and Makeup: Beth and Liz Nissley (