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The only shortcut to success is found when you have a roadmap. The success of others before you so you can take the right turns. 

Turning traveling wedding photography into my full time career was one of the most difficult aspirations I accomplished. It took me 2 years and the journey was full of days where I almost gave up.

I remember a day where I literally broke down in tears in front of my wife because of how discouraged I was when I couldn't get enough clients for the year... I never want to go back to that, but it was important because it helped me realize how important it is for aspiring photographers to have someone help guide them.

Now I reached a point where couples are willing to fly me out all over the United States. I no longer have the worries as before.

I want aspiring photographers to experience the same success with less horrible mistakes and pitfalls in their journey. The best way to do that is through mentors.

Set up a time to talk one-on-one with me for an hour (via skype or google hangouts. Ask me anything and let's get your photography business to where you dream it to be.

Testimonials from our workshop:

Loved it! It was cut throat and right down the middle. It wasn’t some flushed bullshit like most motivational or entrepreneurial content. (Shariq Khan)

I NEEDED to hear it... I’m going to be up at the crack of dawn 7 days a week working on my career (Baraj Alvaraj)

...what you’ve taught me is phenomenal. I’m currently just trying to absorb the quality of information explained. (Rickeem Lashley)

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Mentorship Session
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