Standing Out in an Overly Crowded Market. The 5% Rule. And How to Use that to Dramatically Scale Your Business.

One of my students was asking me the other day on why I have so many couples willing to fly me out all over the United States for their wedding day, when they have a hundred other wedding photographers they could choose from in their local area.


As I mentioned in my Instagram post, in the markets eyes, 95% of your competition can do exactly what you do...

But, there is 5% of you that cannot be replicated.

I'm NOT talking about showing your "personality" on your Instagram like some business coaches will tell you. They'll tell you to write things like "I Like Starbucks, adventures, and long walks on the beach," in your bio and captions then expect that branding to suddenly get you clients (Sounds so silly).

But it's the EXPERTISE in 5% of what your competition can't do that makes you different.

Because it comes down to this. At the end of the day, your dream couples want a photographer who can capture amazing art that is DIFFERENT than anybody else.

What makes you DIFFERENT than 95% of your competition?

For me, I realized that was the art in posing. It took me years to develop it, but I built mastery in that particular "5%" to show my dream couples that not only will they get the whole package in every aspect of their wedding photography, but there will be no one else they can find that will pose them as easily, artistically, and as detailed as me.

And when they see that, they fly me out from TN to California, Florida, Arizona, New York, or any where because it is the mastery in "5%" of what my competition does not do. This makes me dramatically different than the 100 other photographers in their area.

Now What's That Mastery in the 5% For You?

Maybe you are not as passionate about posing as I am, but you have that expertise in your photojournalism, strobe lighting, capturing of the details, etc..

Or you have profound knowledge in wedding planning, choosing outfits for an engagement session, or a unique style of locations that you use.

Find that 5% and make sure it's known, and that you are not faking it, but you are actually the best at it. Give profound amounts of value in that area so your prospective dream couples can see that YOU are the expert in that area.

For example, if I was a very adventurous prospective client of yours, and you had a unique style of adventurous outdoor locations that you use, and you were always posting value with your pictures that goes much deeper in the art of how and why you choose your locations, and translate that value to me as a possible client,

That will go so much further than another photographer who poses adventurous engagement pictures then simply takes two seconds to post a love quote. 

By developing and always sharing your expertise in a way that gives value to your ideal dream client, they will start to trust YOU as the expert. But you can't fake the expert. You must actually be it.

So while your competition is posting their wedding pictures and putting the same old "love quotes" and boring captions like everybody else... it is YOU who've taken more time in your expertise and in your content that is giving value to your couples in this expertise.

It is YOU who is actually creating a message that resonates with your prospective clients. So of course, whatever this expertise is, you must write and talk about it in a way that is practical for wedding clients, and not just other photographers

(Meaning stay away from talking about the technical stuff that only other wedding photographers care about. How will your expertise benefit your wedding couple in a way that they understand and care about?)

Now if you don't know this "5%" for yourself yet, take the time to find it or build it. It took me years to create mastery in posing so it could truly be something that couples deeply desired to have on their wedding day, so for some of you, you may need to put in the work to build a NEW skill set.

How to use your Expertise to Scale Your Business (Facebook Ads) 

After you've built or found mastery in that "5%" that makes you truly stand out, through time you'll find that sharing value in your Instagram or Facebook Page will only go so far.

If you want to scale your business to the point where you are getting 100-300 new wedding leads every single month, and booking more of your dream clients, you have to use Facebook Ads.

Now a lot of photographers think that Facebook Ads don't work, and again, they DON'T if you're doing them wrong.

But because 99% of your competition does not use facebook ads (and if they do they don't use it correctly), it is an extremely powerful tool to grow your business and to reach out to couples who have no clue you exist.

This is how to get Facebook Ads to work to get 100-300 leads a month bringing in more clients monthly:

  1. Have an ad with an extremely strong lead magnet where they will sign up to get something extremely valuable for FREE. Don't expect to directly get bookings from your Facebook Ad. That's not how the customer buying process work.
  2. Have an email series that give your wedding leads an extreme amount of value for their wedding day. In my email series, I have a 5 day guide on posing to look your best on your wedding day. If you can lead 25% of your email list to a Facebook Group (not a page), this can be very powerful to always have the attention of prospective clients.
  3. Give incentives for those 100-300 monthly leads to set up a consultation with you for more information.

We have to remember how the customer buying process works. 

Newly engaged couples who see your facebook ad for the first time still have no clue who you are. You must take the leads through this process in an email series or through a Facebook group so they can see that YOU are the photographer with the unique expertise and talent they desire.

Free Marketing Strategy Session

If you are a wedding photographer who wants to dramatically scale your wedding business or are maybe working a 9 to 5 job and want to scale your business so you can go full time,

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The strategy session will still be the best 30 minutes you invest in your business this year and we'll build a new found clarity on how to grow your wedding photography business.

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