Scheduling Your Wedding Day

Getting the Most Out of Your Photographer

Preparations is one of my favorite events! The excitement and nerves! The perfect opportunity for me to get acquainted with the rest of your wedding party! I capture some of my most unique and special moments during preparations... but a well planned schedule is KEY to this. 

Many of the Brides I work with and have spoken to have always struggled with figuring out the best way to schedule their wedding to get THE MOST out of their photographer. I totally understand, it's not something to take lightly because anything can happen on the wedding day. How can we ensure that there are enough time for stunning portraits, heart warming candid images, quality detail shots, group photos, and on top of that, location scouting for the highest quality results? Easy ;) at least after you read this!

Here are some tips I give all my Brides that have been SO helpful every single time. A well planned-out preparations period is key to ensuring the rest of your wedding schedule is relaxed, fun, and runs smoothly.

Brides Preparations

Plan 3 to 4 hours of preparation time. Sounds like a lot, but when there is only one or two hair stylist and makeup artist with 4 to 6 girls in line, you'll wonder where the time went! Many times I've seen preparations last for even longer, so be sure to talk to your hair stylist and makeup artist for how long it will take them and plan some downtime afterwards. This is key to ensuring the rest of your schedule plays out on time. The first two hours is a perfect opportunity to make sure the bridesmaids are ready (make-up, hair, and dresses - unless special robes) before the photographer comes. This way, for the last 2 hours when the photographer arrives, everyone can focus on YOU.

(Michelle and Edgar's Wedding) - Michelle had such a relaxed schedule. I truly felt her and her husband Edgar had the opportunity to ENJOY their moments. That's what a weddings all about :). I love the photo on the right after she had given her mother, Gladys, a gift.

It is SO important to plan for 30 minutes of portraiture time after you and all the bridesmaids are ready. This is one of my favorite events! You're beautiful dress and professionally styled hair and makeup... LET'S SHOW IT OFF!  This is a sufficient amount of time for your photographer to have a 15 to 20 minute Bridal session to capture gorgeous and unique portraits of you. Then another 10 to 15 minutes of fun group photos of you and the bridesmaids.

(Order I work during bride's preparations: Details, Candid Moments, then Portraits)

Michelle and I had SO much relaxed time to take artistic portraits in her beautiful dress.

Groom's Preparation

The first 1 or 2 hours of Bride Preparation is a perfect time to get together with the fellas to hangout and get dressed! If this isn't possible, plan for the last hour AFTER the Bride is completely ready and has had her portrait session. This is the only way to ensure the fellas get preparation photos as well. If your groom preparation is AFTER Bride preparation, it is totally okay to get "half-ready" before the photographer arrives to ensure the rest of the schedule plays out on time. Open up at least 15 to 20 minutes for portrait and group photos.

(Order I work during groom's preparations: Details, Candid Moments, then Portraits) 

(Alex and Brianna's Wedding) - I LOVED the fact that I had the opportunity and time to experiment with crazy fun ideas during Alex's Groom Preparation.

Final Tips

1. Have music! Remember this is also a time to enjoy and have fun with your friends!                      

2. Turn off any yellow light and get ready by windows! Window light is GORGEOUS. Nice large sized rooms with a lot of window light always looks beautiful in photographs. If possible, as your make-up artist and hair stylist to prepare you by window light so you don't look green in your photos.

3. Talk to your make-up artist and hair dresser about times of duration. 

4. Find a corner out of the way to place everyone's clothes, bags, and clutter.

I had so much fun sharing this with you! I hope this is super valuable and helpful!

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