Beat the Wedding Planning Stress

Worried About Planning Your Wedding? Here are 5 ways to beat the wedding stress listed below!

1. Delegate

Remember! You don't have to do this alone! Delegate tasks with your MOH, Fiance, parents, and best man. Your loved ones are here to make this special day a success! Think about all of your strengths and weakness to strategically plan each person's assignment for the best results. I promise you will cut the time you spend running errands and planning in half!

2. Stay Connected With Your Fiance

Instead of making every moment together about the wedding, take a break. It's okay! Fights happen during wedding planning all the time because of the stress, but remember to put your relationship first. Spend a couple days not thinking about planning at all and just enjoy each other's company. You're relationship ALWAYS comes first and in the end will make your wedding day so much richer.

3. Schedule a Massage

Don't think of this as an indulgence, but a necessity! Physical touch greatly reduces the level of stress-causing hormones. Schedule a couple massage with a professional and take time to give your fiancรฉ a nice shoulder squeeze.

4. Exercise and Eat Healthy

Youre body, inside and out, is directly connected to anxiety. You will be surprised at how much a simple 10 minute walk can affect your stress levels. Some nutritious foods that are scientifically proven to reduce stress are salmon, turkey, green leafy vegetables, and blueberries! Check out for more!

5. Get Enough Sleep

When you're stressed, your body produces adrenaline and cortisol which affects your sleep. When you lack sleep the more stressed you will be! So instead of doing that late night wedding planning tonight, wind down, sleep early, and save the planning for the morning or afternoon the next day. You'll thank me later!

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