How to Save Money on your Wedding Venue

1. Don't get married on a Saturday

It's not a surprise that most weddings are on Saturday. Because it's the most common day, it is also the most expensive. According to Money Crashers, "many venues will charge up to 50% less if you book their location for a Sunday or Friday."

2.   Non-traditional venue

A traditional venue easily averages between $2700 to $4500, and for higher end venues $5400 to $7200. Literally save thousands of dollars with a non-traditional venue. One of the coolest ideas a bride talked to me about was having their wedding at Yosemite State Park! The beauty of a venue like that would beat a traditional venue any day. Not near a national state park? Look for a gorgeous public park or city owned venue. 

3.   Small Guest List

Good food costs a lot. Simple as that. The more guests you have the more the catering cost will go up. Think about who is completely necessary to have at your wedding. The wedding day isn't the time to catch up to old friends, but to invite the people who are truly a big and important part of your life. 

4.   Don't serve a sit down dinner

Depending on your caterer, a buffet dinner could be much less expensive than a sit down dinner. 

5.   Off-Season

Especially if your wedding is in a location where it does not feel like summer all year round, it is difficult for wedding venues to fill up dates during the January to March months. Be prepared to find a lot of great deals. 

6.   Don't get married in a big city

Not only will the venue be more expensive, but consider food, beverages, and lodging to be much more expensive in a big city. 

7.   Destination Wedding

Surprisingly, you can save thousands of dollars on a destination wedding. For a few thousand dollars, you can fly to an all inclusive resort for your wedding and stay their for your honeymoon. Compare that to the average $30,000 - $100,000 weddings in big cities. 

8.   Choose a venue that does not need much decor

When Crystal and I chose our wedding venue, we knew we wanted to save money by choosing a place that would not need much decor because it was already gorgeous! We probably saved close to a thousand dollars in decorations. 

9    Book at an "All-Inclusive Venue"

An all inclusive venue can save you from a lot of "extra costs" you may not expect. Not only that, but booking an all-inclusive venue can save you a lot of stress from choosing and looking for other vendors. 

10.   Know what you DON'T need

What is important to YOU. Saving money on the venue and decorations was important to crystal and I because we knew the wedding photography to preserve our moments, and an awesome honeymoon was our priority. Once you figure out your priorities, find out what you can cut down on.