What's Your Engagement Session Location Style?

An Engagement Session is more than just a couple session, but it is a couples symbol that marks a historic step in their life together!

The location that you, your fiancรฉ, and your photographer decide on is a huge part in making your art even more personal and special.

So where do you start?

Visual Style


What type of visual location best suits your aesthetics. Are you more of an outdoorsy couple? Maybe a rustic and vintage location will best suit you. Are you adventurous? Take this theme even further and find out what extremely gorgeous state parks are near by to give you a gorgeous back drop from beautiful woods, trails, and mountains!

If you're in love with the city, there is so much beauty in different types of urban locations from rustic walls and artsy architecture. 

2. Significance

Did you get engaged in a beautiful park or had your first date in a classy part of town? Having your engagement session in a place of significance can be a special way to preserve your story, reminisce on your memories, and share with your loved ones.

3. Personality

Your location should reflect both of your personalities as a couple. What are your hobbies? And what style of places to do you like to go? This goes right alongside your location aesthetic. Maybe your personality does not fit with portraits in a natural park, but you love the idea or your favorite museum or a gorgeous beach.

4. Comfortability 

If you're camera shy, maybe an engagement session in a crowded city location with curious onlookers won't be the best idea. How comfortable you are in your environment will show up in the photographs. Wherever you decide to have your engagement session, make sure you are in your element for the best results.

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